I have loved my sewing journey over the past year; looking back I know I can be proud of everything that I have achieved, and I feel in a better position to make informed choices about the things I want to make in 2019. I have so many ideas and plans, if only there was enough time!


A good place to start is the 2019 Make Nine challenge as it helps to narrow the focus on patterns I would love to wear! Here are my choices and a little about the reasons I have picked them.

Republique du Chiffon – Petula shirt

I LOVE this pattern. I have two ‘ready to wear’ shirts in this style and they are brilliant; floaty and light in hot weather and always looking smart - perfect for days when I don’t feel great about myself. I have visions of these in many different fabrics – I’m not sure if I’ll make the Petula or trace off my RTW, which is not as full or gathered. Either way, I want a shirt like this!

I Am Patterns – Cassiopee (Right)

I’m a little late to the Cassiopee party. I knew it was a dress pattern, so I pretty much dismissed the idea immediately as I am not a casual dress wearer. But after having a nightmare trying to find comfortable jeans and trousers that fit a short-legged pear shape I decided to think laterally and maybe widen my wardrobe choices. A quick look at my Pinterest boards told me in fact I was a WANNABE casual dress wearer, so I don’t know why I shy away from them!  The Cassiopee looks sooooooooooo comfortable, so probably a good pattern to start with.

Carolyn & Cassie – Perth top (BELOW left)

I had a disaster last year trying to make this, resulting in an unwearable toile, but it’s a pattern that persists in my mind. I love its structure, I have to give this another go - even if just to see where I went wrong initially.

Republique Du Chiffon – Jacques trousers (left)

I really struggle to find any ready to wear trousers that look good on me. In my dreams I am Audrey Hepburn in those cropped cigarette pants. In reality, I am a good 7cm shorter without the svelte ballerina figure. The Jacques trousers look like they would be comfortable and hopefully flattering for my shape…

Grainline Studio – Alder Shirt Dress

I bought this pattern last summer, but time just got away with me and I never got around to making it. I had even bought some lovely viscose (mint with black hearts) from Fabrics Galore to make this pattern but I didn’t check the fabric when it first arrived and unfortunately it was shorter than I had ordered (and paid for!) by a good 20cm and had a large imperfection (colour bleaching) across the bottom third. This meant I was far short of the fabric requirements to make the pattern. I think the gathers on view B would look quite good though, so it’s on the list!

Vogue 9075 – jumpsuit (FAr Left)

The Vogue jumpsuit has been on my radar for a while now. I think it has a wonderful shape and quite simply I just want to have one!

Jennifer Lauren Handmade Ivy Pinafore

After making the Cleo pinafore, I think the Ivy might be a better style for me (A-line) and so I want to give it a go. I have a real thing for buttons and this is just another good opportunity to get some real statement beauties!

And the final two are patterns I would like to make are for Mr Distracted, to reward all his hard work taking and processing my blog photographs, as well as thank him for his endless support and encouragement!


RTW shirts are often quite limited in their fabric selection, but I have seen some wonderful Fairfield makes on Instagram that are really creative. I’ve been planning a few fabric / haberdashery combinations and since I have my Cricut cutting machine I am also considering a few custom designed extras around the themes of photography and architecture…

This should be a fun make, and hopefully Mr Distracted will be pleased with the results!

Thread Theory – Jedediah Trousers

I think making the Jedediah trousers for the straight up and down Mr Distracted will give me a great opportunity to try out trouser making without worrying about the fitting issues. Both of these Thread Theory patterns should challenge my skills with seam finishing, top stitching and learning new techniques.


I am already looking forward to Me Made May, the challenge to wear ‘me made’ every day, as this year I think I will have a much better shot at managing more of the 31 days! I love seeing what the sewing community on Instagram post, and I think it’s a brilliant way to celebrate past makes that otherwise don’t get shown off more than once!

I would also like to take part in #SewPhotoHop or #BPSewvember, daily photo challenges with a different prompt each day. Sewing is such a creative hobby, and it really shows by how diversely the sewing community interpret the themes. I think this would be a great opportunity to improve my interactions with the sewing community and build my confidence!


My first, and most obvious, goal for 2019 is to carry on developing my skills by trying out more sewing techniques - I have not yet properly inserted a zip (concealed or otherwise), and I quite fancy a pin tuck shirt.

I have plans to tackle trouser making (and all the fitting issues that come along with it). My ultimate goal is to progress towards making the perfect pair of jeans for this pear shaped posterior, maybe not this year but sometime soon!  

I would like to learn more fitting techniques, both adapting patterns and bespoke fitting. I have ideas for making self-drafted patterns, building on what I have learnt from the block making course I took at UAL in October.

Other patterns on my make list include the I Am Patterns Lion, Zebre and Libellule, the Republique du Chiffon Dominique jumpsuit and I’m also on the lookout for a dungarees pattern!

So, it seems I have set myself a few goals for the coming year! I hope I manage to achieve a few - let me know what your sewing goals might be!