Hurrah, I've managed to cross off one of my #2018makenine!

This bad boy is the Pan top from I Am patterns, a beginner level pattern from their I Am A Goddess range that was released a couple of years back. I must admit, my Greek mythology isn’t the hottest, and so I had to look up who Pan was. Turns out Pan is a half goat / half man incarnation, who is the God of pasture lands and nature, and apparently has a bit of a wild side (insert raised eyebrow / cheeky wink!)

I was drawn to this pattern by its understated yet structured look. My fashion dial sits somewhere near the masculine end of feminine, think a toned-down version of 80s power dressing crossed with a touch of punk. DMs, skinny jeans and a button-down shirt. Or a t shirt / blazer combo.

Pan is somewhat minimalist in style, with most of the detailing being found on the rear button-down yoke. It has a relaxed, oversized fit and a standing collar that really does stand beautifully. In fact, the top is so oversized that the rear opening and buttons are quite clearly decorative, since it just pulls on straight over the head.

The fabric is a medium weight cotton in khaki with cream spots that has been in my stash for a while now (thanks to Sam!) and when I saw my local fabric store had the same fabric in the reverse colour way I just knew it was destined for this pattern. I estimate the fabric costs to be around £8.00 in total. The colour matched buttons are a lucky find from my button jar!

As Pan is quite a simple construction I didn’t have any worries about getting it wrong, so my focus for this make was to ensure everything was as neat as possible – the collar, the buttonholes, the top stitching. I don’t think I have done too badly, although I will probably point out to everyone I meet that the collar isn’t entirely symmetrical in its end curve (ahhh…the confessing trait that seems to be inherent in every dressmaker…). And I think next time I would make a size down.

This pattern is a great pick for a true pear, and easily sewn up in an afternoon. The boxy composition meant no fitting problems over the hips and the kimono style sleeve eliminated the need to fuss over a narrow shoulder adjustment. A stiffer fabric would take the movement out of the finished garment and may add unnecessary bulk to a pear though, so fabric choice is key.

For me, Pan really delivers with the feminine yet masculine silhouette, and I can really see this working for all seasons. I’m thinking a super soft baby needle cord for a snug winter top over long sleeves. Maybe a summer pattern hack to make a cut off cover up in a cotton lawn or voile…I think I’ll stop there before the spirit of Pan gets too wild!

Hope you like it!