On a crazy whim I decided early on this year that I would get involved with the #2018makenine – an Instagram challenge that spawned from the end of year #bestnine a few years back.

I’m pretty new to Instagram, so I thought this was a nice way to immerse myself quietly into the sewing community and pretend I’ve been here a while!  It’s such a gentle challenge, really more like an intention to sew than a call to battle. 

For those who don’t know or aren’t yet involved, the challenge is simple – select nine patterns you would like to try your hand at this year and challenge yourself on Instagram to make them using the make nine hashtag (don’t forget to follow it too, for updates on fellow sewers progress!).


Here are my nine patterns!

As you can see, they’re a real mixture. The Dominique jumpsuit is giving me palpitations, but I love the style so much and I think I have found some awesome fabric for it….but that’s a secret for another day! 

I’m prematurely excited for December when it’s time to look back and see how well I gauged my sewing objectives, however as I’m already buying fabric for patterns not on this list I’m not sure things will go exactly to plan. It’s right there in the name of this blog, distracted! But hey – there’s still eleven months left of 2018, so who knows…