In a country that uses the Cyrillic alphabet, I was very excited to see my name in Roman letters!

In a country that uses the Cyrillic alphabet, I was very excited to see my name in Roman letters!

How quickly time flies when you're having fun!

I say that because this is my Me Made May round up...coming in 10 whole days late! The reason this is so late is that I've been out of the country since the third week of May, it feels extravagant to say I've been on a three week holiday but heck that's practically what it was! Mr Distracted and his work wife had a paper published at a Conference, so when they were invited to present the paper it seemed that attending the conference was the sensible thing to do being as it was held in Italy! What was probably not so sensible was that we arrived home from Italy with a 10 hour turn around for our already booked summer holiday in Bulgaria to visit the Distracted in-laws. (for those of you who may be wondering....yes, I FINALLY made the Collins top for my Mother In-Law!!!). So that's the reason I'm behind with this post, and also with a couple of makes I managed to squeeze in before our jaunt!

But anyway... I survived my first Me Made May! Although I confess I didn’t really make too much effort in wearing me mades...despite starting out with good intentions. My MMM introduction post noted that I had 15 garments made by my own fair hands, but I only managed to wear 6 (although one of them twice, does that count as 7?) The pattern count stands at 2x Melilot shirts. 2x Collins tops 1x Sailor top and 1x Emmeline top.

But even though I didn’t wear much me made I did try to consider what I had and why I did or didn’t wear certain items. Some days I couldn’t find ready mades to complete an outfit, some days the weather was against me, and some days I just didn’t feel confident enough.

My favourite thing was seeing the daily dose of sewing pride on Instagram, and feeling motivated and inspired by some really beautiful makes in our very talented sewing community! Just following the #MMMay18 helped me to discover so many more sewists!

The challenge has definitely made me re-evaluate my approach to sewing a hand made wardrobe. I have taken note that I wear jeans far too often, that I’m always cold enough to require an over layer which can often spoil a look, and that I’m not very good at neutrals - it's colour all the way! 

So where do I go from here? I think my first goal is to improve the fit of my makes so that I feel more comfortable showing them off. A lot of my makes aren’t quite right, especially around these pesky narrow shoulders, and some days this puts me off wearing them. I want to make a handcrafted wardrobe I'm PROUD to wear.

My second goal is to make garments that can fit in with my existing wardrobe, making them easier to wear. I am very much a jeans and t shirt kinda girl, so I guess at some point I should seriously consider making these items - but I have not yet sewn with jersey and jeans seem like an impossible task! On the flip side, I would also like to wear a better variety of clothes so that my IRL style reflects my Pinterest board style. I guess this is a good time to set myself both challenges!

My third goal is to learn how to take the dreaded selfie! I gave up posting on Instagram very early on in May as it's so much hassle to take a good photo! How do people do it? Maybe my arms just aren't long enough to get a good view? And then I find myself frowning at my phone screen, so the end result looks like I have my eyes closed...Here are a few of the best pics I managed.

May has definitely given me things to consider, a clearer idea of what to aim for and what I would like to achieve - which I guess is the whole point of the challenge!

I've enjoyed being a teeny part of this, knowing every morning there are so many other people out there eyeing up their me mades and choosing how to wear them. Feeling like I'm part of a secret army of Instagram sewists who are quietly going about their daily business, unbeknownst to the world that MMMay is even a thing. 

And I'm looking forward to MMMay19 so I can hopefully look back and see how far I have come!

Hope May was good for you too!