Well true to my blogger name, the last few weeks I have definitely been distracted! Luckily for me these are some good distractions that I'm excited to share with you.

I recently upgraded from a tired little lap-top to a snazzy PC that knocks the socks off Clive (that’s my poor laptop, I name everything by the way!) and I decided to give the desk a little makeover to go with it!

Not content with my plain little Ikea number, a scratchy beige top with a nice layered wood effect edge and bamboo legs, I spent hours researching how best to paint over a lacquered surface so that it would stand up to the wear and tear of constant use and (probably most importantly) hot tea cups.

The best internet recommendations I could find made it clear that two things mattered - the primer and the top coat. The new desk colour would basically be sandwiched between the two, and so I could use the leftover paint I already had from when I decorated the room last year. I found a shellac primer that I was assured would stick to practically any surface with no prep needed and, although a little dubious, I set to work painting.   

Three coats of primer, lots of colour paint and two coats of a water-based sealant later and this is the finished result...




I decided to continue with the geometric design of the room, and I took the time to mask up the angled line of the aqua paint so that when the desk was in place it would line up with the angle on the walls and window cill.


The shellac primer was painted straight over the factory finish of the desk top without the need to sand back the surface, I just masked over the nice layered wood effect edges and dived in with a roller.

I am super pleased with how this has turned out, and the paint has dried quickly and without that usual tacky feeling you get for weeks after, where you can't put anything too heavy down for fear of it sticking.

And between waiting for coats of paint to dry I knocked up this little embroidery hoop display to show off my sewing and design related pin badges (I have a whole other display for regular pin badges!).

The combination of the shellac primer and the water-based sealant is a dream, and now I'm eyeing up all my plain furniture for possible future makeovers!

So, distracted? I guess some people just call it busy. Whatever you want to call it, it’s kept me from sewing...but with such colourful results that make my sewing room a much nicer place to be, I think I'm OK with that.