I am always looking to challenge myself when sewing, and for this reason I tend to overlook simpler patterns. Especially as a relatively new sewist – I have so much to learn that it seems wasteful spending precious sewing time making simple garments that don’t teach me any new techniques. I often have to remind myself that I’m sewing to create a beautiful wardrobe for myself, and that wardrobe should be wearable no matter what it’s level of complexity!  

A few months ago, the Republique du Chiffon Anita top popped up on my Instagram feed and I was smitten by the idea of a cropped, throw on top with a tie fastening! Alas the English translation for the pattern is still underway, and so I decided to patiently wait...that is until I saw the Morning Glory top by Sarah Kirsten.   

Now the Morning Glory top isn’t exactly a pattern, but a set of instructions on how to draft the pieces based on your own body measurements – there’s really not much to it, you just need your bust and arm circumference, and the length from shoulder to top of hip! I followed the simple instruction and quickly knocked up my pattern pieces in AutoCAD (being a draughtsman comes in very handy sometimes!).  

The sewing part was almost as quick! It’s all straight sewing, simple seam lines and no fit adjustments. I did get to test out my new twin needle though, which looks pretty smart.

The monachrome floral cotton fabric was a Fabricland bargain at £2.71 as it was all that was left on the roll – which ended up being just the right amount! Don’t you just love it when that happens?! And the khaki eyelet fabric was a nice find from Fabworks, a really smooth and soft cotton.

If you search the Instagram hashtag for the Morning Glory Top you will see it can be worn with the tie at the front or the back; tied high or low; on its own or layered up. It’s multiple tops in one! I was concerned that the neckline would be too high when worn with the tie at the back, but I think it’s just right. 

Sometimes the simple and quick sewing projects make a refreshing change!