So….is 15th January too late to be sharing Christmas makes?! Ooops! I’ve not had the greatest start to the year, we’re already two weeks in and I’ve spent most of it so far with a cold! Which means lots of sitting around feeling sorry for myself! And after the spell of Christmas I’m finding it hard to get back into a routine, particularly photographing my makes! But over the next week or so I’m going to post about a few other makes I managed to squeeze into the end of 2018 – although if you’ve seen my 2018 Round Up then you probably already know most of them!

Kitty Garland Fabric by Michael Miller

Kitty Garland Fabric by Michael Miller

And what better place to start than a make than was originally planned for Christmas 2017! Haha! This Fancy Tiger Crafts Sailor top made it onto my #2018Makenine list in an effort to encourage me to get on and make it! I always seem to think I have more time to get things done than I actually do (like writing blog posts!), but I’m pleased this project finally made it to the top of the list in time to be worn on Christmas Day!  

I have made the sailor top a couple of times before, but the neckline was always a bit gape-y. This time, I confidently made the adjustments to the yoke pattern piece without batting an eyelid (except maybe when I pinned the adjustments in place on another Sailor and then stabbed myself in the forehead with a pin trying to take it off over my head!). 

The fabric is from Michael Miller and is appropriately called Kitty Garland. It reminds me of the Christmas cards we had when I was a kid - always a fluffy Christmas cat, usually with a candle.

I felt super Christmassy in this make - and best of all its floaty bodice meant there was plenty of room for consuming all those mince pies and chocolates!