This past Friday I discovered something that changed my entire weekend – the Happy Fabrics UK website!

Whilst they don’t actually appear to sell any fabric, they do sell heat transfer vinyl (HTV) by the sheet at a reasonable price - and when you own a Cricut machine, finding such an array of HTV is a very exciting thing! I spent a good hour or so browsing the Happy Fabrics UK website! They have a lot of useful information about how to use the products, how to apply the vinyl, how much heat to use and how long for etc…unfortunately their colour guides and product pictures aren’t great, they don’t match up very well, so you have to take a bit of a gamble when choosing! 

Black, Magenta & Turquoise Stretch. Rose Gold Glitter

Black, Magenta & Turquoise Stretch. Rose Gold Glitter

In the end I ordered some of the coloured stretch (for jersey etc), some of the glitter and some of the flocked HTV – just to get an idea of the products I might typically use. The delivery time was stated at 2-3 days, so I hadn’t expected a little package to be delivered the very next day, but I was so excited that it had arrived!  

The stretch vinyl looks great, the colours are strong and vibrant (although in the picture left they have a transfer sheet over them so they don’t looks as bright), and I can’t wait to try them out! I wasn’t sure what the glitter would be like, whether it had a smooth or scratchy surface – it’s the latter, which is my worst nightmare. However, the flocked is a little A4 sheet of heaven. As soon as I saw that flocked vinyl, I knew my weekend plans had changed!   

I had bought an RTW denim jacket at the end of last year (I’m not quite ready to try making one of my own!), with the purpose of adorning it with something; and when Mr Distracted suggested a design in the black flocked vinyl would look particularly good against the black denim, I knew he was right!  

The rest of my weekend was a blur of creativity, my head is still popping with design ideas for t-shirts and cushions and other apparel!

For the jacket I considered a geometric pattern across the back yoke, which would have looked pretty neat but maybe a little too subtle. Instead, I drew this hummingbird and flower in CAD and tidied it up in the Cricut design software before cutting it out and transferring it to the jacket – I LOVE it, and I can’t stop stroking the flock!

The vinyl can also be cut by hand just using scissors, so a cutting machine is not necessary – it just helps to have one if you wanted to make intricate designs like this one (and my previous Cat Sugar Skull t-shirt design which you can see here).

Of course it’s still February, with unpredictable February weather, so I have to wait for some warmer days before I can wear it. But then, who isn’t looking forward to blue skies and a bit of sun?