Jamming good with with Wierd and Gilly, and the spiders from Mars…


My favourite example is a t shirt with Princess Leia of the Star Wars franchise sporting the bolt and the lyrics ‘Rebel, Rebel’ across the bottom (apologies if you’re not a Star Wars fan, that joke won’t make much sense!). I find this smashing together of pop culture intriguing and, if done well, exciting – so I thought I would try out my own design.

Cats are my thing; I mean who doesn’t love a cat? When I was a student and wore a hoodie with cat ears and cat paw mittens, I had the moniker Kitty given to me by a friend. Although that nickname lasted a long time, Kitty, like Ziggy, was eventually retired. But I still love cats, and cats on clothing are arguably as good as cats IRL. Cats, cats, cats. The idea of Kitty Stardust was born! 

I drew the design up pretty quickly and Buzz, my trusty Cricut, cut it out in a mixture of flocked and matt heat transfer vinyl in no time. The fabric is a super vivid violet Modal French Terry. It’s a slightly lighter weight than I expected, (these things happen when you buy online) but it’s ridiculously soft and drapey and the colour is glorious!  I cut the pattern pieces and then applied the HTV before sewing the side seams, so there was no pfaffing around trying to line it all up – and Happy Press Joanie, the newest addition to my studio, helped me apply the design in seconds!   

I chose the Grainline Linden for this project as I have a RTW raglan sweatshirt that I currently live in. Its so comfy and easy to wear, I want a go to pattern on hand for when the time comes to replace it. Since the fabric was lighter than expected I thought the short sleeve / high hip version would look better than the long sleeve / ribbing band version. Usually I just use the body fabric to cut a neckline, but the fabric had a colour matched ribbing available! I’ve never sewn ribbing before, and I’ve often wondered if it would give a better finish, so I decided to try it out.  The first neckband turned out to be 2cm too small, as the ribbing doesn’t stretch as much as the jersey itself and no amount of easing could make it work. I had to unpick all those zigzag stitches on the first and attach a slightly longer version, but I think it was worth the effort as it looks great. I was so pleased with the effect I even brought out the twin needle for some professional looking top stitching.

I was that pleased with how my Kitty Stardust tee turned out, it went hot from the sewing machine to being worn on an evening out.  The half sleeve length wasn’t quite right for a casual tee, but a roll sleeve combined with the fabric’s vibrancy gives this Linden a real summer flavour and I know I’ll be wearing it a lot.